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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 490 - 21:48

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Family Drama

Ginni informs Saloni and Nahar that Abhi has gone to Mount Abu with Pia. Nahar and Saloni decide to follow them. However, Abhi tells Pia that they are not going to Mount Abu but to Ram Nagar. Pia is touched when she sees the hotel room decorated and tells him that she hopes their baby will be as noble and kind-hearted as him. Abhi sees Pia's mobile phone and intentionally drops it, thereby rendering it dysfunctional. On the other hand, Ginni phones Saloni and informs her that Abhi will be staying in Hotel Virat, but they are told in the hotel that they have nobody by the names of Abhi and Pia in their hotel. Nahar and Saloni start searching for Abhi and Pia, and Nahar soon learns that they have gone to Ram Nagar! After dinner, Pia and Abhi walk up the stairs to their room. Abhi gestures to the waiter, who drops oil on the stairs. Abhi asks Pia to wait for a while as he has a surprise for her. On the other hand, Pia trips down the stairs but is saved just in time by Saloni! Abhi is furious and accuses Saloni of spying on them!

Saat Phere

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