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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 496 - 22:11

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Family Drama

Brijesh returns home and tells the women of the household that even this year, `Teej' (A festivity observed by women) will be celebrated with the usual fervour, but Bhabho says that only the rituals will be observed. Bhabho chides him for throwing Saloni out of the house because she had come to seek her blessings on `Teej'. Brijesh and Bhabho argue again. Meanwhile, a dejected Saloni tells Nahar that it is `Teej', and gifts and offerings are sent from a wife's maternal home. However, Nahar cheers her. On the other hand, Aditi and Tara give the offerings for Pia and invite Manno Bhabhi for the `Teej' festivities but Manno Bhabhi insists that this time, they should come to her house. Kaveri is annoyed. The next day, Saloni is touched when Nahar completes all the rituals of `Teej'. Abhi calls up Pia and tells her how much he has been missing her, but she appears distant. Meanwhile, Dheer calls up Saloni to inform her that Bhabho has had a heart attack and they are taking her to Jaipur. On the other hand, Brijesh informs Narpat and his family about Bhabho's attack, and requests Manno Bhabhi to permit him to take Pia as Bhabho has been muttering her name constantly. Nahar meets Bhabho, and just then, Brijesh too comes. Nahar promises Brijesh that he won't spare him if Bhabho is harmed! Bhabho then informs Nahar that it's because of Brijesh that Pia has been able to come to do the DNA test!

Saat Phere

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