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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 504 - 23:11

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Family Drama

Saloni asks Vrinda about the gesture, so Vrinda replies that Nahar is like God to her, for he had saved her life. Saloni voices her concern to Nahar about Vrinda treating him like God, but he asks her not to make a big issue of it. Just then, Kukki overhears Saloni telling Nahar a secret and vows to expose the truth. Kukki instructs a man and gives him money. The next morning, Brijesh and Saloni asks Vrinda not to do the chores, but she replies she is only serving God and his family. Meanwhile, Kaveri insists that Ginni stop breastfeeding and start feeding milk to the baby but they end up having an argument again. Kaveri warns Ginni that once the truth is exposed about her being a prostitute, her family will throw her out, but Nikita will remain with her! The next day, Kukki comes to Samar's house and suggests that a ceremony be held next morning in the temple for Nikita as it is time for her to have the first solid morsel. Kaveri goes to invite Bhabho and her family for the ceremony next morning for Nikita. Kaveri and Vrinda meet for the first time. Kukki calls Bheem Singh, the jeweller, to Samar's house and gives a necklace to Nikita. Bheem Singh then sees Ginni and tells Brijesh that she is a prostitute! Ginni admits that she is! Kaveri feigns ignorance and says that she has no idea Ginni is a prostitute! Saloni then informs Samar that it is not Ginni but Kaveri who has deceived him because Nikita is not his baby but Ginni's!

Saat Phere

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