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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 508 - 22:45

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Family Drama

Nahar suggests to Saloni that they start a family soon and she agrees. On the other hand, Kaveri gets angry with Nikita when the latter relieves herself but Samar reminds her that maternal instincts must be inborn! Kaveri vows to learn how to handle the baby because she knows that Samar and she must be one if she has to seek revenge from Saloni! Seeing Kunjan play with Piyush, Shubra lightly remarks to him that he must have also harassed his father as a child, so Kunjan and Padma walk away. The next morning, Shubra asks Kunjan why he had felt bad when she had spoken about his father, so Kunjan warns her never to mention him if she wants everything to be harmonious between them. Vrinda sees Pia's jewellery and tries them on. Dheer comes just then and flirts with her. Saloni sees Vrinda wearing Pia's jewellery, so Vrinda apologises to her for wearing it but Saloni assures her that it's fine. Meanwhile, when Nikita starts crying, Samar plays a CD of Saloni that Neel had recorded. On the other hand, Saloni gets up with a headache, so Nahar chides her for not taking care of herself. Nahar walks away without having breakfast. Vrinda berates Saloni for refusing to talk to Nahar and runs to fetch him. Vrinda politely scolds Saloni for not heeding Nahar's advice. Saloni promises Vrinda to eat a tablet as well as apologise to Nahar. She climbs the staircase and collapses.

Saat Phere

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