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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 530 - 22:18

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Family Drama

The priest is aghast and informs Bhabho that a daughter-in-law walking away in the middle of a religious ceremony is inauspicious. Aditi is furious at Saloni's misbehaviour and even she walks away from the ceremony. However, Brijesh and Bhabho convince Aditi not to make the same mistake that Saloni has. Saloni goes to the secluded place and yells to the unknown blackmailer that God and she will never spare him for compelling her to betray her husband and his family! The blackmailer, a woman, warns her that she has broken only 3 of the 7 marital vows and reminds her of the consequences her family will face if she does not obey her! Meanwhile, Saloni sends her business manager home to collect her baggage for an outdoor concert. Later, the manager phones Saloni to ask if Nahar can accompany her for the tour, but Saloni asserts that she can take care of herself. Kaveri phones Kukki and orders her to reveal the truth about her blindness to her family. Kukki begs for mercy as she will be thrown out of the house, but Kaveri reminds her how she had got her thrown out of the house! Kaveri insists that Kukki visit her eye doctor and get her sight checked. The family too urges Kukki to go right away, and prays for a miracle. Later, Kukki apologises to Kaveri and promises never to interfere in her life. Kaveri agrees but promises never to get out of her life. Saloni returns home and brings gifts for everyone. Aditi remarks that she has bought expensive gifts for her maternal home and a cheap shirt for her husband! Saloni retorts to Aditi that all of them are mere relatives of her husband!

Saat Phere

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