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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 531 - 22:41

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Family Drama

Bhabho explains to Saloni that a girl's husband's family is like her own after marriage but Saloni refutes it and says that a daughter-in-law can never be like a daughter! Aditi is furious and tells Saloni that she hates her! Saloni mentions to Bhabho that everybody in the family is jealous of her success. Aditi tells Bhabho that she has been insulted enough by Saloni and will not stay in the house any more. Later, Saloni does not take the expensive gifts and gives Shubra locally made bangles. Shubra is touched with Saloni's gesture. She then informs Saloni about Gaj Pratap and how her family dislikes her for trying to reunite the family. Meanwhile, Brijesh and Nahar are summoned from office and informed that Aditi and Dheer will be leaving home. Kukki urges Brijesh to act soon. Brijesh requests Aditi never to hurt him by leaving home. Dheer is relieved and pleased! Kaveri receives a parcel from Saloni and is furious seeing the cheap gifts that Saloni has sent from Jodhpur. However, Narpat is touched seeing the idol of Lord Krishna and Radha. Meanwhile, Natasha, Saloni's business manager, seeks Nahar's signature for Saloni's world tour. He scolds her for not being concerned about Saloni, so she accuses Nahar of being jealous of his wife's success! Nahar drags her out of the office. Kukki tells Saloni to reform and stop being self-centered. Saloni snaps at Kukki for living off their family! Everyone is shocked! Kukki is pleased as Saloni will be thrown out of the house soon. Nahar confronts Saloni, and just then a police officer comes and says that Natasha has accused Nahar of molesting her!

Saat Phere

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