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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 535 - 21:57

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Family Drama

Looking at the decorations, Kaveri can't stop praising the house, so Dheer informs her that Saloni has handled all the arrangements. Bhabho and Narpat's family are shocked to see Saloni's changed appearance. Narpat advises Saloni not to change her appearance and lifestyle, so she asserts that she has to follow the norms of the glamour world. Saloni then begins to dance with everyone. Nahar is furious and drags her away. He berates her for not thinking about the values that she has been instilled with. Saloni replies that she wants to be happy and is fed up with his family and him! Later, the families are stunned to see Saloni drinking champagne. Saloni urges Nahar to smile in public, or everyone will know that he is not happy with her success. Saloni pretends to drink and then collapses. Nahar takes her to their room. Saloni wants to attend the party again and Nahar goes to slap her but stops short! Nahar leaves and Saloni prays that Nahar begins to hate her soon! Someone in the party remarks to Brijesh that his family has been cursed. Kaveri adds fuel to fire by saying that Saloni has slandered the family's honour. Kaveri apologises to everyone for Saloni's disgraceful act!

Saat Phere

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