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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 569 - 21:43

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Family Drama

Brigadier and Shanti are worried that Nishi has no idea where Neerav has been from a couple of days. They advise Nishi to ask Neerav what the problem is. Meanwhile, Saloni insists on skipping but Neel stops her. He then goes to fetch candy floss for her. Nishi arrives in Neerav's house just then and waits for him, while Saloni hides in the cupboard seeing her. Nishi finds the gold anklets inside and Neerav arrives just then. She asks Neerav about them, so he lies to Nishi that he bought the gold anklets for her. Saloni is displeased! Neerav and Nishi go out to have ice-cream, but he makes an excuse later and drops Nishi home. Meanwhile, Saloni is agitated and demands to know from Neerav why he had given her anklets to Nishi. Saloni throws things at Neel and he gets hurt. Neel explains why he had to give the anklets to Nishi, so Saloni apologises. On the other hand, when Urvashi finds Dheer mourning for Aditi, she chides him and urges him to move ahead in life. Dheer retorts that the memories of loved ones can never be erased. Urvashi goes to remove the garland from Aditi's photograph when someone stops her.

Saat Phere

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