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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 584 - 22:15

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Family Drama

Nishi walks away from Neerav's house angrily. Saloni runs behind Nishi to request her not to be upset with Neerav and befriend him again. Neerav begs Nishi to give him a chance to explain. He then informs Nishi that he has known Saloni from childhood. He narrates how love had blossomed between them but Saloni had married Nahar, and he had married her younger sister Shubra. He had then tried his best to create a rift between Nahar and Saloni but in the bargain invited Saloni's hatred! Once he turned repentant, he had given up everything and come to a different place, with a different identity. However, a cruel twist of fate had brought Saloni to him again. Neerav regrets not informing Nishi earlier and seeks her forgiveness. He packs his bags to leave, but Nishi comes just then and apologises to him for not understanding him. Nishi informs Saloni that she will stay with her. Meanwhile, Urvashi orders Dheer to ask her driver to keep the car ready. When he refuses, she asks him why he is still staying around when Aditi is no more! Just then Vrinda comes and tells Urvashi that she is always at her service. On the other hand, Vrinda carries an ailing Ishan to put him to sleep next to Dheer but Ishan holds her hand, and soon, even she falls asleep. The next morning, a shocked Vrinda leaves the room. Dheer sees Vrinda's veil around Ishan and goes to give it to her. Urvashi witnesses this and taunts Dheer of always having illicit relationships with maids! Dheer tries to justify that what had happened was a mere coincidence, but Urvashi mocks that Dheer and Vrinda are alone, and every individual has his needs! Vrinda and Dheer are aghast!

Saat Phere

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