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Saat phere 1 February, Episode 596 - 22:51

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Family Drama

Veer also asks Brijesh to stay back with him and promises to join the others later. Tara is worried, so Bhabho reassures her. On the other hand, Urvashi urges Brijesh to accompany her around the temple as she wants to find out more about the rituals. Brijesh is not pleased. Saloni gets hyperactive in the fair, so a worried Nahar carries her around. The priest narrates the tale of a devout wife to Brijesh and Urvashi. He blesses Brijesh and Urvashi, and Tara comes just then and informs him that she is his wife, not Urvashi. Saloni takes Nahar to the mirror maze section and is delighted! Ishan too wants to go inside the mirror maze, so Veer asks Urvashi to accompany him. Just then Nahar goes to get a photographer to click Saloni's snaps. Nahar returns and is stunned to see Urvashi and Ishan standing a little away from Saloni. Nahar then throws a stone at one of the mirrors. A commotion follows and Nahar takes Saloni away. Neerav meets Nishi, and she informs him that Nahar and Saloni have gone to the fair. Nishi is very happy when Neerav gives her a gift. Neel then phones Nahar, and Nahar informs him that his entire family is present in the fair. Neel tells him that he will be there soon. Meanwhile, Saloni insists on sitting on the giant wheel, but Nahar refuses. On the other hand, Vrinda takes Ishan for a giant wheel ride. Saloni manages to evade Nahar and runs to sit on the giant wheel. Nahar is shocked to see her enjoying the ride!

Saat Phere

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