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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 600 - 21:00

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Family Drama

Saloni is devastated to know that Aditi is no more. Nahar decides to shoot Urvashi but Saloni stops him. She reminds him that Brijesh and Tara still foster a hope of getting back their child, and if Urvashi is no more then they will never know where the child is. Nahar refuses to heed her but Saloni begs him to remain calm. Back at home, Urvashi loudly asks her child over the phone to stop crying, so Brijesh and Tara get worried. Urvashi asks Tara to sing a lullaby for her baby, so Tara obliges. Urvashi later suggests to Brijesh and Veer to put an end to Tara's miseries, so Veer advises Brijesh to adopt a baby. Tara is overwhelmed, so Brijesh assures her that they will get their baby back. Urvashi overhears them and vows to get Brijesh in her clutches completely! Meanwhile, Neel and others too convince Nahar not to act in haste. Saloni promises Nahar that Urvashi's damnation has begun!

Saat Phere

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