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Saat phere 31 January, Episode 605 - 23:09

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Family Drama

Chirmi manages to save the situation, while Nahar hides. Urvashi leaves, and Saloni cautions Nahar to be wary of Urvashi. Urvashi returns home, so Bhabho asks her about Dr. Sengupta's opinion. Urvashi lies that the doctor said Veer has improved a lot. Later, Tara overhears Urvashi telling Veer that the maid had phoned her to say that her son is unwell. A worried Tara goes to Brijesh and cries. Brijesh tells Veer that Tara is upset about not having a baby and mentions that they had even deployed the services of a surrogate mother but the lady had run away with the baby! Veer tells Brijesh that the lady will never be happy after causing him so much pain! Meanwhile, Saloni goes to the police station to complain that she has been robbed. Shibu sees her and is stunned! The officer too recognises her and phones Urvashi. Urvashi comes to the police station, and Saloni tells the officer that Aditi's death was indeed an accident. When interrogated by the officer, Saloni manages to dodge his questions and even says that she does not know who Urvashi is. Urvashi informs him that she had married her husband's uncle after Saloni had left home. The officer releases Shibu. Urvashi gives him lots of money and asks him to leave the country. Once Urvashi leaves, the cops arrest Shibu. On the other hand, Urvashi gives Saloni more money in the hotel room and orders her to leave the city. Urvashi returns home and excitedly informs the family that her son has taken his first few steps. Later, Urvashi, who is in her room, is stunned to see Chirmi near her doorstep. Saloni rings the doorbell of her house as Urvashi and Bhabho head towards the door!

Saat Phere

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