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Saat phere 5 February, Episode 617 - 22:07

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Family Drama

Veer tells Urvashi that he will not go to the meditation centre because his pressure is high. Although the rest of the family objects to taking Veer because he's unwell, Urvashi insists that he is fine and forces him to go to the meditation centre. Saloni finds out that Veer's blood pressure is very high then informs the family about it! They wonder if Brijesh and Tara's baby is somewhere near the meditation centre. Saloni follows Urvashi and sees her with a baby. Saloni hides and sees a tattoo on the nanny's back. However, before Saloni can reach the nanny, the latter leaves with the baby. Just then Urvashi sees Chirmi, and Chirmi tells her that Ballu has come to fetch her. Urvashi gets furious, so Chirmi walks away. Urvashi disturbs Veer and insists that they leave for home. Saloni returns home and informs Tara that Urvashi indeed meets a baby every Saturday. She says that she only saw a tattoo on the nanny's back. On the other hand, Urvashi pacifies Chirmi and promises to convince Ballu. A worried Saloni takes Urvashi to the hotel. Urvashi begs Ballu to allow Chirmi to stay back for a few days more, so he agrees. Tara sees the tattoo and says that it belongs to Bandeli, a tribe, near her hometown. Nahar decides to go there and investigate the matter.

Saat Phere

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