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Saat phere 31 January, Episode 622 - 21:29

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Family Drama

Urvashi warns Chirmi not to build castles in the air, and orders her to sign the documents! However, Chirmi warns her that if tries to expose her, then she will be in deep trouble because she is the one who had brought her to impersonate Saloni! Urvashi looks on, helpless. Saloni informs Bhabho and Tara about it but assures them that the child will not be harmed. Urvashi slyly takes some documents from Saloni's room and decides to corner Chirmi. She then asks Chirmi in front of everyone what her educational qualification is, so Saloni replies that she has a Masters degree in History from Rajasthan University. Later, Chirmi shows Urvashi the documents she had laid her hands on earlier, to show to her how she knew about Saloni's qualifications. Urvashi then begs Chirmi to sign the documents but she refuses. On the other hand, Kaveri is bent on finding a clue behind the changed equation between Saloni and Urvashi. Just then, Kaveri sees the phone number and name of the photo studio where the photograph was clicked. Meanwhile, Brigadier is admitted to a hospital in a critical condition. Neel comforts Nishi and assures her that her father-in-law will be fine soon. On the other hand, Ballu sees Urvashi and asks his wife to hide. Urvashi complains to Ballu about Chirmi going back on her word, and warns him of dire consequence. Later, Ballu turns up at Saloni's house and informs her that Urvashi has kidnapped his children! Saloni is shocked!

Saat Phere

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