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Saat phere 1 February, Episode 632 - 22:07

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Family Drama

Veer praises his family for keeping the truth about Urvashi away from him so that his wealth would not suffer. However, Saloni reminds him that being patient has brought the family together again. Bhabho misses Aditi but Veer asks her not to shed tears. Veer and the family seek Aditi's blessing for Brijesh's child. Dheer decides to click a family photograph when he reminds that Kshitij is missing, so Brijesh goes to fetch him. On the other hand, Kshitij begins to drink and flings Veer photograph in anger. Just then, Nahar and Brijesh come to take him to his house. However, Kshitij reminds them that his own father does not consider him his son. In spite of Brijesh and Nahar trying to convince him that Veer loves him, Kshitij requests them to leave. Nahar and Brijesh then explain to Veer that he had always loved them more than Kshitij and request him to forgive Kshitij. Meanwhile, Tara is terrified when her child starts crying, so Bhabho assures her that he will get used to her soon. Kshitij leaves the hotel and goes to the hospital to see Kukki. He appreciates her for the one noble deed she had done, in spite of being wicked all her life. When he comes out, Brijesh and the others beg him not to leave. He is about to leave but is moved when Veer addresses him as his son. Veer requests Kshitij to be his support in his old age. An overwhelmed Kshitij apologises to his father. Kshitij is given a traditional welcome. Brijesh and Tara thank him for giving her child back to her. Kshitij too thanks them for giving him a family back. Dheer then clicks a family photograph. The next morning, Dheer excitedly informs Kaveri that Urvashi is in prison and the heir to the family is back, thanks to Saloni. Kaveri is not too pleased about having lost to Saloni again.

Saat Phere

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