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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 667 - 21:34

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Family Drama

Ambica takes Shama to Kalika's room and blesses Kalika. Ambica tells an emotionless Shama that Kalika is getting married. Ambica assures Kalika that although Shama cannot speak her blessings are always with her. Everyone begins to dance in the wedding but Kaveri is furious at the turn of events and regrets asking Kalika to stay back. Just before the sacred rituals are going to begin, Kshitij thanks Kalika for coming in his life and promises to be with her through grief and happiness. The marriage rituals begin and Samar gets up to give away Kalika's hand in marriage, so Ambica stops him and says that Gaj Pratap rightly deserves to give Kalika away because he has been like a father to Kalika all along. Gaj thanks Ambica for her magnanimity and assures her that Kalika will always make her proud. Kshitij and Kalika's marriage is solemnised. Before leaving for Kshitij's house, Kalika asks Shama to bless her so that she never has to face any grief again in life.

Saat Phere

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