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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 670 - 21:54

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Family Drama

Kaveri is furious when Ambica tells her that Shama will stay back in their house. A fierce argument follows and Kaveri asserts that the house belongs to her husband and she has done a favour by allowing her to stay in the house! However, Ambica reminds her that Narpat had sold their ancestral home and given the money to Samar to buy the new house! The next morning, Saloni blesses Kalika with lots of happiness, so Kalika says to herself that she will be happy once Saloni is destroyed! Ambica welcomes Kalika warmly, so the latter pretends to be emotional. Kalika is pleased to see Shama at home. When they are left alone, Kalika tells her mother that this is the home of the man who had betrayed her and she will seek revenge from his family. The washer man comes then to ask for clothes, so Kalika puts her lipstick marks on Samar's shirt to create a misunderstanding between him and Kaveri. She then gives the clothes to Kaveri. The washer man sees the shirt and Kaveri too sees it. Kalika subtly sows seeds of suspicion in Kaveri's mind against Samar. Later, Kalika takes Samar out under the pretext of buying a sari for Kaveri. She requests Samar not to mention about it to Kaveri. Kaveri phones Samar to ask where he is, so Samar lies that he is in a business meeting. Kaveri keeps calling Samar but he does not answer her call. She then phones the office and a staff member informs her that Samar had cancelled all meetings for the day as he had some urgent work. Kaveri is shocked!

Saat Phere

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