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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 672 - 21:27

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Family Drama

Kalika is annoyed that she has to cook, but has no choice other than create a good impression on everyone, especially Veer. Kshitij tells her that he will get lunch from the restaurant. However, she is caught red-handed by the family and everyone has a hearty laugh. Bhabho asks Tara to help Kalika cook. Kalika tries to see if she can create a rift between Tara and Saloni but soon realises that it will not be easy. Meanwhile, Tara asks Saloni to look after Aditya. Kalika comes just then and gives Saloni a glass of juice. She then slyly adds some pills in her drink. Saloni starts to feel dizzy and assures Kalika that she will lie down and take care of Aditya. Saloni dozes off and Aditya is about to slip from the bed when Tara comes. Seeing Saloni asleep, Tara admits to Kalika that it was her fault because Saloni can't look after both herself and Aditya. Kalika is furious seeing this. Kshitij wonders if their plan will ever succeed, so Kalika comes up with a plan. Dheer is busy working in the warehouse, when he overhears two loaders talking about a pub nearby. Kshitij tells Dheer that after working so hard, he deserves a break. Therefore, Dheer decides to go to the pub. Kshitij goes back to the warehouse and sends a truck full of counterfeit drugs. The family is shocked when a cop comes home to arrest Brijesh for the crime of selling counterfeit drugs to the poor for greed of money.

Saat Phere

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