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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 673 - 20:32

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Family Drama

Veer and Nahar try to convince the cop that they have been in the business from long and can never stoop so low but the cop asserts that Brijesh is guilty and is arrested. Tara is devastated, so Kalika asks Kshitij to bail out Brijesh. However, Kalika and Kshitij go to a restaurant instead where he celebrates his victory with champagne. On the other hand, Tara is worried sick wondering why Kalika has not yet phoned her. Saloni phones Kalika but the latter switches off her phone. Meanwhile, Dheer prays to God to protect him for his carelessness. A worried Tara visits Brijesh, who is devastated that innocent people will die if they consume drugs from his company. He asks Tara to pray that those people will be given the gift of life. Kalika and Kshitij come just then and inform Brijesh and Tara that Brijesh's bail can be granted only if the families of the people who have been hospitalised using their drugs take their case back. Saloni overhears. Shama, who is sleeping, unintentionally breaks a glass jar, so Kaveri chides Ambica for giving refuge to any stranger walking on the road! Samar yells at Kaveri and asks her to value relationships. Saloni visits the hospital where the nurse informs her that the patients have been afflicted with brain fever. The patients' families recognise Saloni, so she pleads innocence but they refuse to heed her. They curse Saloni that she will never be happy! Saloni assures them that she will give every possible financial help and compensation.

Saat Phere

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