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Saat phere 6 February, Episode 679 - 22:25

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Family Drama

Kalika warns Kshitij not to feel too happy as the bonds of his family are very strong. On the other hand, Brijesh apologises to Veer for being careless and hurting him. Saloni tells Veer that their family's greatest strength is their unity. However, Veer says that their family's greatest strength is when youngsters are willing to let go of their ego and apologise to their elders for their mistakes. Meanwhile, Dheer who's drunk tells Kshitij in a pub that Brijesh was wrong in slapping him. Kshitij subtly instigates Dheer against Brijesh. Dheer promises to seek revenge when the time is right. Kshitij is pleased. On the other hand, Saloni requests Tara to forgive her but the latter remains quiet. Kalika subtly instigates Tara by remarking that Saloni offers prayers with utmost devotion. Later, when Saloni is offering the prayers, Tara asks her to stop! Tara reminds Bhabho that a newly wed bride must offer the prayers. She angrily takes the prayer platter from Saloni and gives it to Kalika. Tara asserts that Saloni will not offer the prayers anymore. Kalika pretends to be noble and insists that only Saloni offer the prayers. However, Saloni says that one must not break traditions and asks Kalika to offer the prayers. Kalika is happy and vows to plunge Saloni and her family's lives in further danger.

Saat Phere

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