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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 698 - 21:59

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Family Drama

Saloni and Bhabho urge Kalika to eat high calorie but nutritious foods, so Kalika refuses. Kalika is forced to eat. Tara comes just then with Aditya, and Saloni offers to carry him, but Tara says that he must get used to being with his own mother too! Kshitij informs Veer that the supplier recommended by Brijesh does not seem suitable. Veer asks Kshitij to confirm the truth first. Meanwhile, Gaj and Padma come to visit Kalika and congratulate her. The same lady in the hospital also turns up to meet Kalika. Kalika introduces the lady as her maternal aunt Laali Maasi. Laali tells Kalika that she will stay with Kalika until her delivery because in-laws will never take as good care as someone from a mother's family will! The family is taken back with Laali's constant caustic remarks but Laali soon makes light of the matter. Later, the family is shocked when Laali reminds Saloni about her dead baby and that she can never conceive again. Laali blames Saloni for having to pay for her misdeeds by being barren! Saloni weeps. Kalika is pleased but pretends to be annoyed with Laali and berates her. Laali says she'll leave, but Saloni pacifies her and seeks her blessings instead. Later, Kalika thanks Laali for exchanging the pregnancy report in the hospital. She says that she wants to show Narpat how his betrayal had rendered her mother like the living dead! Laali promises to start creating differences between Tara and Saloni right away. Laali goes to the kitchen and Aditya who is with Tara starts howling! A worried Saloni rushes to the kitchen but Laali asks her not to enter. Laali reminds Saloni that she must not enter the kitchen for 40 days because she has lost her baby barely 3 weeks back. Bhabho replies that they do not believe in such superstitions, so Laali retorts that such a great tragedy struck in their house because of their disregard for customs! She further says that something untoward could happen to Aditya also because of their indifference to age-old customs!

Saat Phere

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