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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 742 - 21:29

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Family Drama

Nahar reaches the temple. Saloni slaps him and he is stunned! She then tells him that he has killed his love, their relationship! Saloni demands to know how he can even think of sending someone else in her life when he will be not around! Saloni tells a shocked Nahar that she knows the truth about him and his illness! She says that she had curbed her grief so that he wouldn't know he is causing her pain, but feels completely betrayed that he wants another man to take his place in her life! Saloni asserts that she will live and die only for him! Nahar tells her that he had no other choice because he wanted to bestow all the happiness on her. Saloni takes out a poison bottle and tells him that she will die before him so that he will not have to worry about her when he's no more. Nahar breaks the bottle, and he embraces Saloni. Saloni asserts that he cannot separate his name from hers! Nahar promises that he will never do something like that again. Savitri's husband comes to meet Savitri and demands Sawri's insurance papers from her so that he can kill the dark and ugly girl and take the money. Nahar comes just then and thrashes Savitri's husband. Nahar warns him never to step into his house again, and says that Sawri is his child! Nahar returns the insurance papers to Savitri. Savitri tells Saloni that she will pray that Nahar and she remain together till eternity. Meanwhile, Veer tells Savitri that he wants not just his elder son Brijesh but Nahar as well to light his funeral pyre. Nahar overhears and weeps. Meanwhile, Varun looks at Nahar's reports and is dismayed that his illness has progressed so quickly. He decides to tell Nahar that anything can happen at any given time.

Saat Phere

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