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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 746 - 21:46

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Family Drama

Saloni and Nahar inform their family the next morning that they want to go to on a pilgrimage right away because they had promised to visit after Shweta is born. However, they lie about the place they are going to. Saloni asks the family to keep Shweta and insists on leaving in spite of Brijesh's displeasure. Nahar goes to pacify Brijesh and requests him to send him off with a smile. Brijesh tells Nahar that he feels he's hiding something from him. Saloni and Nahar reach the place and they take a cab to the hermitage. She prays that they are able to make it on time, as the ascetic will leave after the Full Moon night to meditate for 6 months. Saloni tells Nahar that she's sure her prayers will be heeded. Meanwhile, there's a long queue outside the ashram to seek the blessing of the ascetic who is called Swamiji. However, a man comes out and asks the people to return as Swamiji's time is up and he will return only after 6 months. A father who has come with his sick child begs the man to allow him to meet Swamiji. Another man, Dhananjay, takes the father to meet Swamiji but a lady who is addressed as Gurumaa stops him and orders the father to go away. She asserts that Swamiji will not see anyone after his time's up. On the other hand, the taxi in which Nahar and Saloni are in breaks down. Just then, Nahar's symptoms show up again. Saloni requests Nahar to walk to the ashram as Swamiji will leave but Nahar feels faint. Saloni tells him that she will stop Swamiji, and asks the cab driver to bring the taxi to the ashram. Meanwhile, Swamiji gets ready to leave the ashram to meditate for 6 months. Saloni rushes towards him stops Swamiji's car. She begs him to see her husband but Gurumaa slaps her!

Saat Phere

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