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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 767 - 21:27

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Family Drama

Saloni informs Bhabho that Nahar will come home soon and not permit his family to be in trouble for long. Dheer reminds her that Urvashi has given them time only until next day, so Manno Bhabhi assures everyone that Nahar will be here by then to throw Urvashi out of the house. Later at night, Saloni goes to the bus-stand to fetch Amrit but is worried when he does not turn up. A hysterical Saloni phones Manno Bhabhi. Manno Bhabhi too comes to the bus-stand and phones the hermitage, where the man informs her that Swamiji is apologetic for not being able to make it. Manno Bhabhi tells Saloni about it who gets hysterical and breaks down! Saloni says that she has no choice now but to inform her family the truth about Nahar's death. The next morning, Urvashi mocks Bhabho and says that she had warned them that Nahar will not return. The cop orders Bhabho and her family to leave as their time is up, so Urvashi taunts her again and reminds her that they will be on the streets! She mocks Bhabho about her dutiful Saloni having betrayed her. Urvashi pushes Bhabho but Amrit, whom everyone assumes is Nahar, holds her. Bhabho and others are relieved and pleased but Urvashi is shocked and flustered! Urvashi asserts that he cannot be Nahar because he is dead and the property belongs to her! Nahar asserts that he did not sign the documents. The lawyer informs Urvashi that with Nahar around, the house or the property do not belong to her. Saloni and Manno Bhabhi who are watching this are delighted! Urvashi berates Bhabho for accepting an impostor as her son! Saloni tells Urvashi that she has fulfilled her promise and brought Nahar back. Urvashi accuses Saloni and Amrit of being impostors, so Saloni demands to know how she can be so sure that Nahar is dead. Urvashi is about to blurt the truth but stops short, so Saloni advises her to believe what she sees, not what she hears!

Saat Phere

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