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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 775 - 20:56

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Family Drama

Manno Bhabhi begs Amrit to work his miracle on Kaveri and save her life, so he replies that he has no powers after stepping into the materialistic world. Just then, the doctor informs everyone that Kaveri has given birth to a baby girl and the mother and baby are doing fine. Samar thanks Kaveri for giving him his life's best gift. Ambica suggests to Kaveri that she hand over the baby to Nahar first as he had saved Kaveri's life by not letting her fall on the ground. Ambica asks Nahar to name the child too, so he names her Kamini. Later at night, Shweta begins to cry, so Amrit picks her and pacifies her. Amrit tells Saloni that holding babies has made him feel like he has attained salvation! Saloni says that having a child in one's family makes one complete, and mentions that Nahar was a very good father. Urvashi overhears Nahar saying that he was searching for God in mountains, when he can see God in children! She wonders what Nahar meant by the statement. Saloni takes Shweta and Sawri to the temple along with Nahar. Savitri thanks God for her daughter's good fortune. Urvashi seizes the opportunity and searches Saloni's room for clues. Luck favours her when she finds Holy Texts and a rosary, and realises that the impostor is a Brahmin. She decides to expose Nahar. At the temple, Saloni mentions to Amrit the dreams that Nahar had weaved for his daughters. She regrets that his dreams remained unfulfilled and she will have to be a father and a mother to them. Amrit asserts that he will never let the children miss a father and he will fulfil their dreams. Amrit then recalls his promise to his mother. Meanwhile, Urvashi prepares a chicken dish, so Tara orders her out of the kitchen. Savitri puts chicken pieces on Amrit's plate, so Saloni and Nahar are shocked. Urvashi insists that Nahar eat it as it's his favourite dish. Bhabho asks Saloni to feed it to him. What will Saloni do now?

Saat Phere

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