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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 784 - 21:40

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Family Drama

Saloni and Nahar return home and see that Sawri is not in the cradle. Just then Savitri too comes there and asks where Sawri is. Savitri is inconsolable on learning that Sawri is missing. Ishan, who is drenched, returns home and when he sees that the entire family is in the hall, he decides to enter the room from his window. On the other hand, Saloni barges into Urvashi's room and demands to know where Sawri is. Urvashi pleads innocence but Saloni warns her that she will ruin her life if she does not get her daughter back! Urvashi then swears by Brijesh and says that she does not know where Sawri is. Saloni believes her. Tara goes to Ishan's room and is shocked to see him trembling and having high fever. Tara informs Ishan about Ishan. Nahar goes to the police station to complain about Sawri missing. Tara tends to Ishan, so Savitri asks her to go and rest while she takes care of him. Dheer thanks Savitri for her selfless attitude, so she replies that even Ishan is like a son to her. Ishan feels miserable at what he has done! When his fever does not subside, the doctor is called. Meanwhile, Nahar decides to personally go on a search for Sawri. The doctor tells Dheer and others that Ishan's condition is deteriorating because he is not responding to the medicines. Dheer holds himself guilty for not being a good parent. Meanwhile, a wild dog sees Sawri crying in the jungle. What will happen now?

Saat Phere

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