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Saat phere 1 February, Episode 112 - 22:19

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Family Drama

Saloni gets irked and confronts Nahar. She tries to explain to him that she never tried to hide anything from him, but Nahar does not listen to her. However, Saloni is shocked when Nahar tells her that he is feeling bad for Rewa because she is his cousin. Saloni feels bad when Nahar tells her that Rewa is the daughter of his paternal aunt whose boyfriend estranged her after making her pregnant. Meanwhile, on the day of Shubra's marriage, Kaveri, on the sly, informs one of the priests about Shubra's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Saloni requests everyone in her family to attend Shubra's wedding and leaves. Later, Tara convinces everyone that they should let bygones be bygones and attend Shubra's wedding. Saloni feels elated when she sees that everyone from Nahar's place has come for the wedding. However, before the ritual can begin, the main priest gets shocked when one of his associates informs him about Shubra's pregnancy. The priest gets furious and chides everyone. He makes it clear that this marriage cannot take place as the bride is already pregnant.

Saat Phere

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