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Saat phere 1 February, Episode 114 - 22:45

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Family Drama

Saloni is shattered with Brijesh's decision, but does not say anything. Nahar tells Saloni that he will talk to Brijesh, but she stops him. Later, Bhabho gets worried when Ambica calls her and invites Nahar and Saloni for lunch. Tara tells Saloni to go to her parents' place, but Saloni refuses. Saloni tells Tara that she respects Brijesh like her father and does not want to go against his wish. Meanwhile, everyone at Narpat's place feels odd when Saloni does not turn up. Ambica phones Saloni but she makes up a story and tells her that she cannot come. Later, Gayatri tells Narpat that, on the pretext of offering sweets, they should personally go to Saloni's place and have a word with Brijesh and Bhabho. Everyone at Saloni's place is shocked when Narpat and Ambica arrive. Narpat and Ambica are stunned when Brijesh tells them that they can't accept sweets from them and he walks away. Later, Dheer chides Narpat and Ambica for disgracing their family's reputation, and forces Saloni to tell them what Brijesh has decided. Saloni, with a heavy heart, tells her parents about Brijesh's decision and requests them not to try to meet her in future.

Saat Phere

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