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Saat phere 1 February, Episode 117 - 22:34

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Family Drama

Narpat is very worried for Ambica. Soon, Manno Bhabhi also arrives. Everyone is shocked when the doctor informs them that Ambica has suffered a heart attack. However, everyone feels relieved when the doctor assures them that Ambica is out of danger. Manno Bhabhi is taken aback when she comes to know the entire incident. Shubra feels guilty and decides to go to Saloni's place and apologise for everything. Meanwhile, Brijesh gets shocked when he comes to know that Samar has resigned from his job. Later, Nahar again meets Brijesh and tries to make him realise that he was very rude with Bhabho, but Brijesh is in no mood to listen. On the other hand, everyone in Nahar's place is surprised to see Neel and Shubra arrive. Shubra apologises to everyone and requests Saloni to come home. Saloni is shocked to know that Ambica suffered a heart attack and decides to go, but Dheer, very cunningly, reminds her of Brijesh's orders. Saloni feels bad for her mother, but decides to stay back. Later, Dheer indirectly shows Neel and Shubra the door. However, before Neel and Shubra can go, Nahar and Brijesh arrive. Nahar gets shocked when Bhabho tells him about Ambica's condition. Tara feels bad for Saloni and tells her that she should go to her mother's place, but Saloni does not listen to her. Tara confronts Brijesh and accuses him of being ruthless. Brijesh loses his cool when Tara reminds him of a similar incident which happened years before in their family. Later, Nahar tells Brijesh that he, along with Saloni, is going to see Ambica and takes Saloni with him.

Saat Phere

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