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Saat phere 1 February, Episode 127 - 23:30

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Family Drama

Everyone in Nahar's family is shocked when Bhabho decides to leave the house. Bhabho, who feels humiliated by Kukki's attitude towards her, asserts that though she is respected by everyone, she knows that she is just a maid and nothing else. Brijesh feels bad and tells Bhabho that he and his family always considered her as their mother and requests her not to go. Saloni too makes Bhabho feel that she is very special person and manages to make her change her decision. Jumma sees the entire commotion and tells Kukki. Later, Neel calls Saloni and asks her if she can help him shop for Shubra. Saloni asks Nahar, who gives her permission to go. Jumma overhears this conversation and immediately informs Kukki. Kukki and Jumma then follow Saloni and sport a vicious smile when they see her with Neel. Meanwhile, Kaveri insults Dhananjay, much to Gayatri's chagrin. She later insults Narpat by telling him to learn driving so that they can save the driver's salary. On the other hand, Kukki instigates everyone against Saloni and asserts that women from good families don't roam with strangers. Nahar loses his cool and chides Kukki, but Kukki ignores him and walks away. Nahar tells Brijesh that they should get rid of Kukki, but Brijesh tells him that it will be against the virtues of their family to ask Kukki, who happens to be their aunt, to leave. Later, Kukki receives a phone call and assures the person that she will soon get rid of Saloni. However, she gets shocked to see Saloni standing right in front of her.

Saat Phere

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