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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 140 - 22:38

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Family Drama

Saloni goes to the restricted area of the mansion and decides to enter the allegedly prohibited room. However, before she can open the lock of the door, Tara arrives and chides her for roaming in the restricted area. Saloni makes a story and leaves. The next morning, Tara apologises to Saloni for chiding her. Meanwhile, Ambica and Narpat are shocked when Kaveri indirectly prohibits them from buying new clothes for Gayatri. Gayatri feels bad, but does not say anything. Soon Saloni arrives and everyone sans Kaveri is pleased to see her. Saloni is shocked when Ambica unintentionally tells her that the property papers are with Kaveri as they have mortgaged their house for Samar's business. Saloni tells Narpat that they are not in a position to take such a big risk, and if something goes wrong with the business, they will lose the house. Soon, Samar arrives and confronts Saloni for interfering in his personal matters. Samar gets so furious with Saloni that he returns the property papers to her and makes it clear that he will not take any help from Narpat, much to Kaveri's dismay. Kaveri gets irked with Saloni as she has ruined her plan. In order to seek revenge, Kaveri meets Shubra and indirectly instigates her against Saloni by linking her with Neel.

Saat Phere

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