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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 150 - 21:57

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Family Drama

Saloni chides Jumma and makes it clear that she will inform Kukki if she does not mend her ways. Jumma leaves and Saloni tries to make Dheer realise that he is doing wrong. Dheer pretends to be sorry and thanks God when Saloni leaves. Later, while getting the guesthouse cleaned, Nahar finds Jumma's earring and gets suspicious. He asks Saloni about the same, but she makes a story and takes the earring from him. Narpat feels relieved when Saloni phones him and informs him that Gayatri and Dhananjay are with her. Nahar later assures Saloni that he will find a decent job for Dhananjay. The next morning, Dhananjay and Gayatri decide to leave, but everyone in Saloni's place insists that they stay for few more days. Gayatri obliges. Later, Saloni and Gayatri decide to go to the temple. Ishan, Aditi and Dheer's son, expresses his desire to accompany Saloni to the temple. After offering prayers, Saloni and Gayatri are shocked when they realise that Ishan is missing. They search for Ishan everywhere, but get disappointed.

Saat Phere

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