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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 160 - 23:23

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Family Drama

Saloni confronts everyone and accuses everyone for keeping her in the dark. She asserts that she is feeling betrayed by everyone and walks away crying bitterly. Everyone feels bad and guilty as well. Bhabho tells Nahar that Saloni does not know the complete truth and it is high time he reveals the complete truth. Nahar meets Saloni and apologises to her for keeping her in the dark. He tells Saloni that he wanted to tell her everything and had even decided that he will reveal the secret after her birthday, but things did not materialise. He then tells Saloni that it was love at first sight for him when he had met Chandni as he was bowled over by her beauty. Nahar further tells Saloni that he had soon realised that Chandni was very possessive about him. Nahar also tells Saloni the circumstances under which he had married Chandni and also that Brijesh had never accepted his alliance. Saloni is hurt and accuses Nahar of hurting her sentiments. She tells him that she has realised now why he chose her over Shubra as she is dark complexioned. Nahar feels very miserable as he does not know how to pacify Saloni.

Saat Phere

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