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Saat phere 2 February, Episode 172 - 23:27

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Family Drama

Saloni is shocked when Manno Bhabhi urges her to divorce Nahar. Saloni tears the divorce papers and makes it clear that she is not going to divorce Nahar. Neel realises that Saloni still loves Nahar. He goes to the police station and meets Nahar. Nahar is shocked when Neel informs him that his family has prohibited Saloni from meeting him. Nahar calls the cop and tells him to allow Saloni to meet him. Neel goes to Saloni and asks her to meet Nahar, but Saloni refuses to go. Saloni makes it clear that she will never go against Brijesh's orders. Meanwhile, Kukki and Juhi meet Nahar. Nahar requests Kukki to convince Saloni to meet him. Kukki assures Nahar that she will do the needful. Kukki then tells Juhi that she will urge Saloni to meet Nahar. She further tells Juhi that she is confident that Brijesh will get irked when he comes to know that Saloni has disobeyed him. Kukki meets Saloni and encourages her to meet Nahar, but Saloni makes it clear that she will dare not go against Brijesh's orders. Kukki then tells Saloni that even Brijesh wants her to meet Nahar. Saloni is elated and phones Tara to inform her that she is going to meet Nahar. Tara boosts Saloni's morale and assures her that she is not doing anything wrong. Aditi gets furious when she overhears her conversation and confronts Tara. Tara too fights back and makes it clear that Saloni is not responsible for Nahar's predicament. Brijesh gets irked and asks Tara to stop confronting Aditi. Kukki then instigates Brijesh by informing him that Saloni has disobeyed him and gone to meet Nahar. Brijesh gets furious. Meanwhile, the cop informs Nahar that they are shifting him to a jail. Nahar is eagerly waiting for Saloni, but she arrives only after he boards the police van. Saloni runs after the van, which soon speeds off. However, Saloni gets shocked when the police van loses control and rams into a tree.

Saat Phere

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