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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 177 - 22:30

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Family Drama

Ambica tells Brijesh that Saloni has suffered a lot and she will not let her go with him to get further humiliated. However, Saloni manages to convince Ambica and leaves with Brijesh. Ambica gets irked and Kaveri and Shubra instigate her against Saloni. Nahar is elated to see Saloni. He then expresses his desire to eat something prepared by her. Kukki overhears their conversation and decides to do something. She returns home and gets irked to see Juhi packing her bags. Juhi tells Kukki she is no more interested in wooing Nahar as he is not reciprocating at all. She further says that he will be, anyway, going back to jail after being discharged from the hospital. Kukki asks Juhi to have patience and assures her that Nahar will return home. Kukki then meets Brijesh and urges him to hire a top lawyer and make sure that Nahar is released. Nahar is surprised when Kukki, along with Juhi, comes to meet him. Kukki tells Nahar that Juhi has prepared something for him. However, before Juhi can give it to Nahar, the doctor arrives and forbids Nahar from eating anything which is oily. At the same juncture, Saloni arrives with light food. Juhi and Kukki get irked when the doctor allows Saloni to feed Nahar what she has brought. Soon, everyone gets shocked when the cops arrive and tell Nahar that they have come to detain him.

Saat Phere

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