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Saat phere 2 February, Episode 182 - 24:29

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Family Drama

Kukki is shocked when Saloni stops her and asks her to speak the truth. Saloni tells Kukki that her version of Chandni's death is completely different from Tara and Brijesh's version. Though Kukki is shocked, she keeps her cool and asserts that everyone is supporting Brijesh and making a story in order to save Nahar. Kukki leaves, but Saloni is not convinced, as she feels that something is amiss. Later, Brijesh and Tara are feeling very helpless, while Kukki is very worried. She tells Juhi that her plan will go kaput if Nahar is jailed. Juhi is shocked when Kukki informs her that her husband does not trust her sons and has therefore he has named his entire property in Nahar and Brijesh's name. Kukki further tells Juhi that she is so keen in getting her married to Nahar is because she can keep the property under her control. Meanwhile, Saloni meets Manno Bhabhi and tells her that she is in a deep dilemma as she does not know whom to trust. She tells Manno Bhabhi that Kukki's version about Chandni's death is completely different from Tara and Brijesh's version. Saloni further tells Manno Bhabhi that she feels Kukki is lying to her. Manno Bhabhi comforts her and suggests that she goes to a temple and try to find her answers there. Saloni goes to the temple and feels elated when the priest tells her follow the path where her heart leads to. Saloni rushes to the court where the judge is about to pronounce his verdict. However, before the judge can give his judgment, Saloni intervenes. Saloni then asserts that it may be possible that Chandni is not dead as her body was never found. The public prosecutor gets irked and requests the judge to give his verdict, but the judge does not listen to him. The judge postpones the hearing of the case for a month and instructs the police to try to find Chandni in the meantime. Everyone is elated. Saloni is also happy as she can now probe into the matter and find out the truth.

Saat Phere

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