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Saat phere 2 February, Episode 185 - 21:34

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Family Drama

Kukki meets Narpat and Ambica and tells them that they should have not allowed Saloni to return, as except her, everyone in Brijesh's place hates her. Narpat and Ambica are shocked as they are not aware that Saloni has returned to her in-laws' place. Ambica immediately phones Saloni, who assures her that she is perfectly fine. Saloni then meets Nahar and promises him that she will prove him innocent. Nahar is pleasantly surprised when he comes to know that Saloni has returned home. Later, Saloni meets Kukki and asks her to give her some money and Chandni's snap. She tells Kukki that she wants to publish Chandni's photo in the newspapers as she is confident that Chandni is alive. Kukki gets suspicious and tells Saloni that she will have to take Brijesh's permission first. Kukki then meets Brijesh and subtly instigates him against Saloni. She tells Brijesh that Saloni is demanding her share in their property. Brijesh gets furious, while Saloni gets shocked as she has been overhearing their conversation. In a fit of rage, Brijesh throws bundles of money on Saloni's face and asks her to take her share, much to her annoyance.

Saat Phere

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