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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 200 - 22:19

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Family Drama

Everyone in Nahar's place is happy with Nahar's return, and the entire family is in a celebration mood. Later in the night, Saloni gets worried when she sees Nahar walking towards the mysterious room. She follows him, only to realise that Nahar is playing a prank on her. The next day, Saloni too plays a prank on Nahar, and later in the day, both go out and enjoy some good time together. Meanwhile, Samar gets furious when Kaveri tells him that what Saloni did is wrong. The argument gets so heated that Samar tells Kaveri that he regrets the day he married her. On the other hand, everyone in Manno Bhabhi's place is pleasantly surprised to know that it is Manno Bhabhi's wedding anniversary. However, Manno Bhabhi asserts that she will give the treat when her husband returns from his prolonged business trip. Later, Aapji arrives at Manno Bhabhi's place. At the same juncture, Shubra suddenly develops severe pain. However, Manno Bhabhi immediately gives her medicines and she feels relieved. Shubra then expresses her desire to go to Neel's place as she has some work there. However, before she can enter the house, she is shocked to see Karan.

Saat Phere

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