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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 205 - 23:05

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Family Drama

Tara is hurt while everyone else is shocked with Kaveri's comment. Saloni gets furious and chides Kaveri and asks Tara to participate, but Shubra makes it clear that she is not interested in going against the rituals. Tara is shattered and walks away. Urvashi, Bhabho and Aditi also leave immediately. Manno Bhabhi chides Kaveri, but she remains unmoved. Nahar and Brijesh are surprised when Tara, Bhabho, Aditi and Urvashi return early from the ceremony. Though Bhabho tries to make a story, Urvashi spills the beans and narrates the entire incident. Brijesh and Nahar are shocked. Meanwhile, Ambica asks Saloni to apologise to Tara on her behalf. She also returns the money to Saloni, saying that Samar took care of the entire expense of the ceremony. Later, after the ceremony, Neel asks Shubra about the necklace. Shubra makes a story and tells Neel that the necklace is not real but imitation jewelry. She further tells Neel that she bought the necklace to glorify his status. On the other hand, Urvashi subtly instigates Tara against Saloni. She tells Tara that everyone will start ignoring her once Saloni becomes a mother. Later, Saloni returns home and tells Nahar that she has to meet Tara and try to soothe her pain. Meanwhile, Brijesh tries to pacify Tara by giving a beautiful necklace and a dress. However, he is shocked when Tara expresses her desire to become a mother. She tells Brijesh that she won't mind taking the help of a surrogate mother for his child, but Brijesh makes it clear that it is impossible. At this, Tara loses her cool and holds him responsible for her state. She tells Brijesh that had Chandni not been madly in love him, she would have been a mother! Brijesh is taken aback, so are Nahar and Saloni who are overhearing the confrontation.

Saat Phere

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