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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 210 - 21:04

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Family Drama

Saloni is shocked with Tara's behaviour and tries to make her realise that she should try to control her anger. However, Tara confronts her and asserts that she does not believe in God. Soon, Urvashi arrives and asks Saloni to leave Tara alone. She tells Saloni that, to a certain extent, she is responsible for Tara's state. Saloni is shocked and walks away. Brijesh notices this and gets worried. He later meets Urvashi, who suggests taking Tara for an outing. Meanwhile, Shubra gets shocked when she finds a letter written by Karan which says that he is battling cancer in its last stage. Karan, who has purposely left the letter for Shubra, is elated as he will now be able to gain more sympathy. However, he gets shocked when Shubra suddenly faints. He immediately rushes her to a nursing home. The nurse asks Karan to buy some medicines. Meanwhile, Chaudhary assures Kaveri that he will make Saloni pay for her humiliation. On the other hand, the doctor arrives and recognises Shubra. She immediately phones Saloni and informs her about Shubra. Saloni is shocked to know that Shubra is in hospital. She informs Bhabho and leaves. Urvashi sees Saloni leaving and subtly instigates Bhabho. Meanwhile, Saloni reaches the hospital, only to find an unconscious Shubra. The doctor tells Saloni that they had asked Shubra's husband to bring medicines but he has not returned yet. Saloni phones Neel and is surprised to know that he is at home. Soon, Saloni gets shocked when Karan arrives with the medicines.

Saat Phere

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