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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 212 - 24:23

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Family Drama

Neel is shocked when he finds Shubra missing, but soon Shubra comes out from the washroom, while Karan manages to get out from the window. The next day, everyone is in a festive mood as it is 'Raksha Bandhan' (A festive occasion celebrating the chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister). Samar phones Saloni and invites her to his place. Everyone in Saloni's place celebrates the festival. However, Saloni gets shocked when she sees that Aditi is packing her bags and is all set to leave. She meets Tara and requests her to stop Aditi. Tara manages to convince Aditi to change her decision. Later, Saloni goes to her parents' place and celebrates the festival with her brother. She then goes to Kaveri and asserts that she still considers her as her sister-in-law, but Kaveri misbehaves with her. This irks Chaudhary and he slaps Kaveri. Saloni does not like this and chides Chaudhary for slapping her sister-in-law, much to Kaveri's surprise. Later, Saloni meets Samar and requests him to forgive Kaveri and bring her back, but Samar remains unmoved. Soon, Chaudhary arrives and apologises for everything. He tells everyone that Saloni has made him realise his mistake. He also asserts that he will not give refuge to Kaveri anymore and walks away. However, Samar remains adamant and makes it clear that he will not let Kaveri stay with him. Kaveri walks away and Saloni feels bad. Saloni then takes Kaveri with her. Everyone in Saloni's place is surprised when Saloni arrives with Kaveri. Saloni then asks everyone if she can let Kaveri stay with them for few days.

Saat Phere

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