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Saat phere 3 February, Episode 226 - 26:57

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Family Drama

Before the truck can hit Tara, Nahar saves her. Tara tells Brijesh that there is no use of her life if she cannot be a mother. Brijesh gets emotional and tells Tara that he is ready to oblige to every demand. Meanwhile, Karan meets Kaveri and gives her Neel's property papers. Kaveri gets elated and decides to sell Neel's house to her father. Later, Saloni informs Nahar that it is Tara and Brijesh's wedding anniversary the next day. Nahar decides to give a surprise party to Tara and Brijesh. The next morning, Tara tells Brijesh that she has fixed an appointment with the doctor and they are supposed to undergo certain tests. Tara, Brijesh and Urvashi leave. When they return, they are surprised at the party being hosted for them. While celebrating, Brijesh's medical report arrives. Tara asks Nahar to read the medical report. Everyone is shocked when Nahar reads the report which says that Brijesh cannot be a father.

Saat Phere

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