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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 242 - 21:32

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Family Drama

Pia is taken aback to know that Urvashi is now Brijesh's wife. Tara then explains the circumstances under which the marriage took place. Pia is very furious and says that she finds it hard to believe that her brothers are not on talking terms. Moreover, they also use the kitchen separately. Pia makes it clear that she is returning to her hostel. Pia goes to her room and starts packing her bags. Bhabho chides Nahar and Brijesh and accuses both of them of being ruthless as they are being harsh on Pia. Brijesh realises his mistake and walks towards Nahar and shakes hand with him. Everyone is happy and Pia is also impressed. Later, Urvashi thanks someone on the phone for delivering the pregnancy report at the right time. She also assures the person that he will get his money on time. Later after dinner, Nahar thanks Brijesh for the reconciliation. However, he is taken aback while everyone else is shocked as Brijesh asserts that he is just pretending to be good in front of Pia. Brijesh makes it clear that he has not forgiven him yet!

Saat Phere

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