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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 250 - 22:41

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Family Drama

Tara suddenly feels dizzy and Urvashi takes her to her room. Meanwhile, Saloni gets emotional when Kaveri phones her. Saloni does not tell Kaveri that they have left their house as she feels bad. Kaveri then subtly tells Ambica that they should go to Saloni's place and invite Pia and others for dinner. Later, Brijesh is surprised to see Nahar in the office. Nahar tells Brijesh that he has come only to return the keys and collect his personal belongings. Meanwhile, the poison has started taking its toll on Tara and she is feeling very week. Soon, Brijesh arrives and is surprised to know that Tara is not feeling well. Urvashi subtly tries to woo Brijesh by making coffee for him, but Brijesh walks away. The next day, while having breakfast, Tara again starts feeling uneasy. Brijesh gets worried and asks Urvashi to take good care of Tara. Soon, Manno Bhabhi, Ambica and Kaveri arrive. Kaveri deliberately asks about Saloni and Nahar. However, Ambica and Manno Bhabhi are shocked when Tara asserts that Nahar and Saloni do not live with them anymore.

Saat Phere

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