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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 254 - 22:24

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Family Drama

Karan tells Saloni that he will kill Shubra if she tries to escape. Saloni is shocked when Karan locks her too and leaves. Shubra cries her heart out and apologises to Saloni. Meanwhile, Aditi gets shocked when she comes to know that Bhabho is not eating anything. She meets Bhabho, who tells her that she will eat only when Saloni and Nahar return home. Aditi informs Brijesh about this and he is equally shocked. Brijesh chides Tara for keeping him in the dark and tries his best to convince Bhabho to change her decision, but Bhabho remains adamant. Later, Karan phones Kaveri, who gets elated to know that he has held Saloni also captive. On the other hand, Nahar arrives home and is shocked when he does not find Saloni. He then goes to Narpat's place and everyone gets worried about Saloni. Kaveri suggests that he check at Brijesh's place. Brijesh is very worried for Bhabho, whose condition is getting deteriorated. Finally, Brijesh decides to call Nahar and Saloni, but Tara objects. Tara tells Brijesh that he should not bow to Bhabho's demand, much to Aditi's chagrin. Aditi confronts Tara and makes it clear that she will see to it that Nahar and Saloni return home. Soon, Nahar arrives and asks Brijesh if he knows where Saloni is. Tara chides Nahar and tells him that it is just a gimmick to gain entry in their house. Aditi gets irked. She intervenes and asserts that they all should be concerned about Bhabho. Nahar gets shocked when he comes to know that Bhabho is not well, but Tara forbids him from entering.

Saat Phere

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