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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 273 - 21:33

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Family Drama

Urvashi feels bad and humiliated, and vows to avenge her humiliation. After cutting the cake, Brijesh leaves for office. Later, Urvashi phones Brijesh and manages to convince him to join her for dinner. Brijesh agrees and asks her to bring Tara also. Urvashi gets elated and decides not to inform Tara. Later in the evening, Saloni notices Urvashi going out. She asks Urvashi, but she makes up a story. Urvashi arrives at the restaurant and soon, Brijesh arrives. Brijesh is surprised to find the restaurant quite empty. Urvashi is happy as she will be spending some quality time together with Brijesh. However, she gets shocked when Pia and Sridhar arrives. Pia is also surprised to see Brijesh and Urvashi. Brijesh asks Pia to join them. Brijesh is surprised, while Urvashi gets irked when Dheer and Aditi also arrive. Soon, Saloni and Nahar also turn up. They give different reasons for coming. Brijesh is pleasantly surprised, but misses Tara, much to Urvashi's annoyance. Soon, the band starts playing a birthday song and Tara arrives. Brijesh at once realises that Tara has organised a special birthday party for him. Urvashi is very irked as Tara and Saloni have spoiled her plan. The next day, Urvashi receives a letter. She informs Tara and Brijesh that she has been selected for a fellowship in the US. Everyone is happy for Urvashi and encourage her to go to the US. However, Urvashi shocks everyone by asserting that she will have to abort her pregnancy in order to go to the US!

Saat Phere

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