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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 278 - 20:47

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Family Drama

Tara is taken aback to see Urvashi and Brijesh hugging each other. However, before she can react, she suddenly wakes up and realises that it was just a nightmare. Nevertheless, Tara decides to go to Udaipur, but soon gets bad news on the phone. Tara informs Bhabho that her father has suffered a heart attack. Bhabho is shocked and tells Tara to leave immediately for her parents' place. Nahar accompanies Tara. Meanwhile, Brijesh also gets shocked when Bhabho informs him about Tara's father. Brijesh tells Urvashi about her father and she urges him to take her to her father's place at the earliest. Tara arrives at her parents' place and meets Maasa (Farida Dadi), her mother. Tara feels bad when she comes to know that her father's condition is not good. Maasa tells Tara that her father wants to have a word with her. Tara meets her father, who tells her that he wants to reveal a secret about Urvashi. However, before he can say anything, Urvashi arrives.

Saat Phere

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