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Saat phere 4 February, Episode 293 - 22:15

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Family Drama

Yug is surprised when Saloni expresses her desire to join him. Yug is impressed and tells Saloni that as a formality, she will have to appear for an audition. He soon fixes an appointment with the music company. Saloni tells Nahar that she would like to inform Brijesh, but Nahar tells her that he would like to give everyone a surprise after she gets selected. Meanwhile, Manno Bhabhi gets shocked when Kaveri suggests that they should sell off their house and shift to a smaller one to overcome financial crisis. She confronts Kaveri and tells her that the house is their ancestral property. Later, Kaveri subtly instigates Ambica against Manno Bhabhi. On the other hand, Saloni gives the audition and the owner of the company is watching her audition on his computer. Saloni gets elated when she is selected. Moreover, she gets an advance payment of three months. Saloni then meets Narpat and gives him the money and tells him that there is no need to sell off their house. She tells Narpat and Ambica that she has earned the money and they should not feel obliged by accepting it. Meanwhile, Brijesh and everyone else get shocked when they come to know that Narpat is working as a peon in his business associate's firm. Soon, Saloni and Nahar arrive. Saloni gets shocked when Brijesh asks her why she has decided to work. Before she can answer, Urvashi interrupts and sarcastically answers that Saloni has decided to work to support her father who is working as a peon.

Saat Phere

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