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Saat phere 8 February, Episode 297 - 21:49

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Family Drama

Everyone in Nahar's family is shocked when Saloni arrives in an inebriated state. Yug, who is holding her, tells everyone that during the folk dance show, Saloni unknowingly consumed 'Bhaang', an intoxicating drink. Urvashi passes a comment on Saloni, but Bhabho subtly chides her. The next day, Saloni feels embarrassed and apologises to everyone. Brijesh tells her that she has not done anything wrong, but at the same time, advises her to be more careful. Saloni tells everyone that she has decided to quit her job, but everyone encourages Saloni to keep going. Later, Maasa meets Brijesh and tells him that she is noticing that he is ignoring Tara. However, Brijesh tells her that he is indebted to Urvashi for her sacrifice and he knows what he is doing. Later in the evening, Yug's boss phones Yug, who tells him that he is trying his best to create a rift between Nahar and Saloni. The boss tells him something and he gets into action. Yug then schedules a recording and slyly switches Saloni's phone off. He purposely delays the recording process. In the meantime, Yug's boss phones Nahar and expresses his desire to have a word with Saloni. Nahar informs him that Saloni is at work, but gets shocked when the boss tells him that Saloni has left with Yug long time back. Nahar then tries calling Saloni, but her phone is unavailable. Nahar gets furious. Soon, Saloni arrives with Yug and apologises for being late. She tells him that the recording took so long. Nahar finds himself in a dilemma as he does not know if Saloni is telling the truth or she is lying to him.

Saat Phere

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