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Saat phere 7 February, Episode 306 - 22:16

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Family Drama

Everyone is shattered and finds it hard to believe that Urvashi has dropped the baby down from the terrace. Brijesh and Yug go down to check, but don't find the baby. Brijesh cries his heart out. Soon, everyone returns home, and is worried since Tara is she is still in a state of shock. Saloni takes Tara to the room which she had decorated for the baby. Seeing the toys, Tara starts crying bitterly. Bhabho tells Brijesh to let her cry as it will ease her pain. However, everyone is shocked when Tara starts behaving weirdly. Tara is assuming a doll to be her baby and asks everyone to keep quite as she is trying to make the baby sleep. Everyone is shocked to see Tara's state. Brijesh curses Urvashi and tells Nahar that he will kill her if he finds her. Meanwhile, Urvashi brings the baby to the courtyard of Brijesh's mansion. Urvashi vows that she will instill hatred in the baby against Brijesh and his family.

Saat Phere

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